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Map time – Wistula

So, just so one has an idea of the geography of the Archdespotate of Wistula (and because I quite like drawing maps, and because I was bored), I decided to draw a map of Wistula (on pages I ripped out of my German test book). So, here you go!

(also, sorry for the low quality – the map’s quite large, and my mobile’s camera’s a potato)


Wistula NW
See the whole map


A written brick shell: “Born to be Wild”

What follows is the earliest (current), unedited version of the first chapter of the Chronicles of the Taremys Family. Enjoy, and please, help me some with the editing.


Chronicles of the Taremys Family

and other tales from Colomynd, or Kolemiſz, and ſurroundings

Part One:

Born to be Wild

“Ah, theology… Is old Procopius still ranting about how little the Mother Snake and the Saints and all fits Colomynd?”

“You have no idea. Now there’s that Wistulan professor, er… Perunow, he’s ranting even more. Even Arpadius is complaining about that, now.” Moræna allowed herself a brief chuckle, to accompany her brother’s wholehearted laugh. “Hænnys, though… you know him?”

“It’s a common name.”

“Right… ” She glared at him ever so briefly before explaining. “Excluding our dear genius, Vaslavy, he’s the youngest professor around. He’s all about astronomy and physics and maths.”

“Those are the worst.” Ianc Taremys declared, emptying his cup of wine.

“Not necessarily. Either way, I tried his lectures once… I was sleepy, but remained awake in there. I understood next to nothing, but he didn’t allow me to sleep.” Moræna fumbled around on her gambeson. “You know, when father visited Morvinnys, he was who saved me, and who doomed me, as well. Should I tell the story?”

“You’re going to do it anyway.” stated Ianc, standing up, “What use would my complaints be?” He took financial reports on his table, and delivered them to the muddy ground of the tent. Being a mercenary captain isn’t too easy, obviously.

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