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Wow! Another right-wing party has made it into the government of a state in a european country. In the german state Sachsen-Anhalt, AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, which, translated, means something like the alternative for Germany) has reached the incredible result of 24,4 percent.

But when you take a closer look, you will find out that those people are … well, I shall show you:

It starts of with a statement: “Free people shall never be slaves.” Sounds nice, right? This is the first sentence in their program. Notice how the first sentence already contradicts their program. Only a couple of lines later they say that they want to build up police forces and the german intelligence apparatus to decrease the rights one individual has. Because when it comes to safety, human rights don’t count any longer. Simply lock potential criminals away. One example: a police officer thinks “Ohh, this guy looks dangerous. I don’t have any evidence, but hey! I don’t need any. I can just put him into pre-trial-confinement! ” It already works great in other countries like Russia and China, and other countries famous for their freedom.

Kids older than 12 and mentally disabled shall not be helped any longer when they do something stupid. The same is to say about drug-addicts. They wont get a therapy, they become prisoners. Nice idea! Because imprisoning innocent people always helps. One step further to freedom for sure.

But now let us take a look at economy: Less rules and allowing monopolies are the two most important parts of their program. But how should this improve rights? This is the exact opposite of improving rights! Well, it improves the rights for already rich people of course… so much for the “party for the simple man.”

Oh, and the welfare system should be canceled. The whole welfare system. They argue that you can ensure privately. But the simple man would not be able to that because the companies can do whatever they want and thus shorten payments just as much as they like.

“Carbon-dioxide isn’t a greenhouse gas, because it is essential for our lives.” Well, it IS essential to plants and nearly all life on earth, but it also IS a greenhouse gas. I am ok with people having own opinions, but I am not ok with people having their own facts. Climate change happens! Thats an undenieable fact.

In recent times the word “Lügenpresse” is quite common. It means something like propaganda that is made up by the state controlled media. Germany is one of the  most free countries when it comes to media control. The AfD also uses “Lügenpresse” to define the german media. But what would they do against it? They would replace every media representative with a state employee. So to prevent controlled media they would control media… sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Greetings ,

your Great Comrade Olaf !


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