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A First Glance at Spritesdwell Pt. 1 – A Geographic Overview

Hello everyone,

As may be evident from the title, this won’t be a political rant, it will not be about the universe of Wistula and Cadia, it will be about a topic not touched upon before — Spritesdwell.

What is Spritesdwell?
Spritesdwell is one of many universes born from the creativity and boredom of Sep Nullachtfünfzehn’s mind. What is it, exactly?

Well, to sum it up, a fantasy/science-fiction universe. To be more precise, a universe in which people — humans, exclusively, as other sentient species may exist, but are not proven to do so — may have control over superhuman powers — best compared to the bending of Avatar: The Last Airbender, combined with ordinary spells — due to the influence of powerful transcendent beings, so-called spirits, or even of either of the two gods that are generally believed to exist, Sun and Moon. Other than one may expect, technology does not seemingly stand still for centuries, millennia even, as is the case in many fantasy universes — in fact, Spritesdwell goes through most developments that our world has gone through, from the Neolithic to the Industrial Revolution, through a migration period as well as an age of enlightenment. One considerable difference does exist, however: other than in the real world, a single power has managed to acquire control over most of the planet, simply called The Empire, whose rise and fall are subject to the stories that are to be written.

What does this post deal with?
Well, look at the title. A geographic overview of Spritesdwell. Well, maybe less “geographic” and more… climatic. Tectonic. Historical. Be that as it may, on to the maps.

An attempt at uniting the various climatic properties of the regions — the universe was subject to growth — and the laws of atmospheric circulation.

Once more, an attempt at uniting climatic properties with laws, this time of thermohaline circulation.

An attempt to unite topographic qualities of the regions with plate tectonics.

An explanation of how the distribution of races came to be — the terms Darkfolk (green), Gildenfolk (red) and Palefolk (blue) refer to what would be described as negroid, mongoloid, and caucasoid, respectively, and is no more than a mythological simplification. This map deals with human migration from the home continent of Nevercold in the Age of the Moon, an equivalent of the Ice Ages.

After the ice melted, water was available aplenty, and man settled and began to farm and multiplied. That abundance of water did not last, and great conflict and migration was the consequence.

As the first civilisations formed, large-scale migration became less common. One notable exception is the settling of the Firths by a banished tribe of Gildenreach and a tribe of the Holmcrags.

Coming soon: an explanation of what the numbers on the maps mean


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