Sep Nullachtfünfzehn and co.

Short stories, fan fictions, and lots of insanity

De hac Re – About

This is meant as a platform on which to put and share all the written stuff the few of us produce in our free time, and maybe some more graphic stuff, as well. This includes the stories set in a yet unnamed world (the two relevant parts of it known as Wistula and the Greiss Realm) created by Lubberk and co., the stories of Spritesdwell, a brainchild of Sep Nullachtfünfzehn’s, and likely also fan fictions by the latter, as well as other examples of neuronal perspiration, such as Olaf’s rants.

Involved people:

  • Sep Nullachtfünfzehn: apparently describing himself in third person, he is not only half Austrian and Czech each, or only approaching his 17th birthday, but also takes great interest in reading and writing prose, and, if time is found, drawing — else, in playing computer games, mainly (grand) strategy and role-playing ones. He can be found posting chapters and short stories, in all kinds of areas, including fan fiction, as well as anything else related to these stories.
  • Oliver Meyer: Studying BA History at the University of Southern Denmark, he is normally found deep in history, religion, statescraft, and theory of warfare. He is the founder and imaginative mind behind Wistula, but also writes other stories.
    His favourite authors, from which he draws inspiration from, range all the way from Dante Alighieri, to G. d. Toro, to v. Clausewitz. He is also an afficianado of arts, and a great TV-series enthusiast, with favourites ranging from Battlestar Galactica, to the Strain, and many, many more.
  • Lubberk: Slowly crawling towards his 18th birtday, Lubberk either spends his days studying physics, chemistry and programming at his local department of CPH WEST, or playing through a plethora of videogame genres. Having a lively imagination, a round of Civilizations 5 suddenly inspired him and a couple of friends to create imaginary countries of their own. This originally resulted in the founding of Cadia, the kingdom which sooner lead to a rush of other nation being founded.
  • Great Comrade Olaf: this 17 year-old Austrian can often be found complaining about right-wing conservatives, this individual is also quite interested in science, sometimes in economics and has the remarkable skill to get upset by the tiniest religious things, as he is an atheist. He is the one that will never cease complaining about… well… nearly everything. 

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