Sep Nullachtfünfzehn and co.

Short stories, fan fictions, and lots of insanity

Lubberks Story-time

A collection, even a Compendium,  if you will, filled with history and folktales from all of the Greiss Realm.

Many may think that this is simply a couple of short stories, consisting manly of random ideas being strung together into one great, big pile of text. This is not the case.

Behind every single story, lies the aforementioned Greiss Realm. An entire medieval world, enormous in scope and strangely exotic compared to our own. This is, however, not another yard out of Tolkiens’ backyard.

We pride ourselves in having created a medieval “fantasy” world, which of course is purely fictional, without any magic. The inhabitants may often ramble on about gods and magic, but this is merely religion and superstition. This is, obviously, heavily based in reality as well, inspired by the medieval society present in the first seven centuries of the 1000’s.

So sit back, light a candle, and prepare for a great series of stories, with the most inconsistent release schedule imaginable. Cheers!

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