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Lubberks Story-time: Old Celanderia


As the reader has probably noticed by now, most posts on this blog have discussed the far off reaches of Wistula. But contrary to what this might imply, Wistula is but a tiny part of the deep, expansive world.

The timeline originated in the Greiss Realm, on the continent of Gert, with three kingdoms rising from the barbaric violence small of the tribes that dotted the landscape. At the western foot of the Ankeen Mountains, numerous small forts were erected, creating a chaotic whirlpool of competing Krehn (Lower Cadian for Lords) fighting for expansion and riches.

This era, known as “The Age of Kings”, ended when the legendary Cadian, Jochum, conquered what was then know as Celanderia through a series of violent battles and close diplomatic calls. As of the end of the war, Wearion was appointed the Capitol of this new, great kingdom.

As time slowly passed, many generations later, Celanderia seemed to get smaller every day. The vassal of Drykinien started fighting for their independence, but the war didn’t progress long before the rogue nation went silent, and no one has been able to investigate the island and survive. The western, more barbaric part of Celanderia never really grew accustomed to this united kingdom, with all its laws and regulations, resulting in yet another war for independence, lasting a mere three months due to the diplomatic finesse of New Ravinien, who represented the recently founded Freelands.

Inspired by the rumors of the distant, succesful rebellions, the noble House Marchten of Hellica started rallying the northern parts of Celanderia to liberate themselves from the, as Farkos Marchten said, “Oppressive, egotistical snobs in the southern shit-hole of Wearion”.

Unlike their southern and western counterparts though, the Marchtens didn’t have the luxury of being a long journey away from the Royal Army of Celanderia, and the cities that joined their northern brothers soon experienced the brutal and effective sieges that build the kingdom during Jochums reign. The rebellion was short-lived, but the Marchtens never forgot their dreams of an independent north.

Many years, and an astounding amount of rebellions later, the decision was made to give the larger houses more power than they had before. For the first time in the kingdoms history, a king who wasn’t born and raised in Celanderia, known as Relinc Half-blood, tried to broker peace. The north, ecstatic that the dreams of their ancestors was a reality, accepted the offer, believing they had achieved full autonomy. In reality, Celanderia was split into City-states, each with their surrounding Hold, and governed by the Great Houses in the day to day, while always staying loyal to the Royal family.

This made sure that the Cadins kept the power, with the ability to make the newly formed League act as a whole, and lessening the amount of governmental work in the Cadins hand. This new League of City-states demanded a new name, as it was seen as blasphemy to call this new kingdom “Jochums Skies”. This lead to a new, now forgotten name being chosen to represent this League, and as the years progressed, the named was slowly changed and simplified, until the current Cadia was recognized by the royal family, who weren’t displeased with the similarity to their own family name.

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