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Tales from Wistula

Fell Intentions

Detective stories set in Fell, Wistula, following a man called Zal Kier.

Currently writing first entry.


— Oliver Meyer


Great Names of the Kopecki Line to Be Remembered

Basically this is a sketch of a writ, that I have had in mind for some time.

It will focus on great names from the Kopecki Line, of Wistula, their deeds and moral compass.

It will be written in media, and will follow the historiographic archetype of the epochs that Wistula is inspired by – which would be the Christian Medieval Epoch, and the Christian Early Modern Epoch (hence the name). Therefore it will both feature the moral compass, Biblical Linearity, and Cyclic Stability – following the historia magistra vitae tradition of pre-modern history.
With that in mind it is very much in the early stages yet it will be finished.
I never begin on anything, if I have any vague idea of discarding it.

These names include Saint Arkady Kopecki, and Saint Kassia Kopecki, the two contemporary reigning monarchs since the inception of the setting.

Name of the writ is still subject to change.


— Oliver Meyer


Chronicles of the Taremys Family

A series of chapters following the highly influential Taremys family around their home, the city of Colomynd, and the rest of (mainly southwestern) Wistula. Its main characters are:

  • Caroly Taremys, Chancellor to Her Majesty, the Archdespot of Wistula, and pater familias
  • Iassomyr Taremys, his heir, rumoured to favour men’s company
  • Ianc Taremys, Caroly’s second son and leader of the most numerous company of mercenaries
  • Moræna Taremys, Caroly’s only daughter, whereabouts currently unknown
  • Vaslavy Taremys, Caroly’s youngest son, and the youngest professor in all of Wistula, currently researching steam power
  • Several professors of Morvinnys, Colomynd’s famed university, such as: Procopius, Professor of Theology, and headmaster; Arpadius, Professor of Rhetorics, specialising in history; Hænnys, Professor of Physics; Stephynus, Professor of Alchemy; Perunow, a Wistulan, Professor of Theology

First entry basically finished, halfway through the second entry

Sep Nullachtfünfzehn

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